Blankets, Draperies and Clothing - Have blankets, draperies and out of season clothing cleaned, then pack them right on the hanger in the wardrobe box.


Books - Pack them flat, not standing on end (which may cause damage to the spines). Books are extremely heavy, so don't pack to many in one box or mix them with fragile items.


Lawn Mowers - Drain gasoline and oil from all small engines.


Mirrors and Pictures - Large works should be stored in specially designed boxes. Smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and stored in boxes with clothing or linens.


Leather (Couches, clothes) - Treat with a leather conditioner and protect them with plastic covers. Keep the couch off the floor using pallets.


Mattresses - Protect them and your furniture with specially designed covers.


Furniture and Tables - Remove legs and disassemble to conserve storage space. Wrap with furniture pads to protect from soil and scratches. Wrap the legs together with packing paper and, if possible, tape them to the protective wrap placed around the corresponding item.


Photos - Old photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place them between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together. Do not store irreplaceable photos. Negatives take up little space. Consider keeping them with you.


How to organize your storage room


Leave a few inches of space between your items and the wall for better ventilation

We have pallets available most of the time for customers to use in their unit for ventilation underneath their goods.


Gather the things you are likely to need during the time you are storing your belongings.

Place these things in the room first.


Store heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.

Place cartons so that you can read the label which lists their contents.


Place the things you are most likely to need closest to the door for easy access.

Securely latch and lock the door to your storage room when leaving!

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